Welcome to ThreeSight™ VR, LLC 

What should I know about this company, ThreeSight VR?

The first thing is “How are we different?”.

Unlike many companies who produce virtual reality equipment, we do NOT focus on making millions of one item! Instead, we have a passion for custom design and development, and love to push toward new innovations. 

Why is this good for you?

Because with over 25 years of experience in the industry, we can optimize all the factors and solve for unique constraints. Many firms are stuck with long time schedules and back-orders. But we have “agile” (fast-moving, with nimble steps) engineering, with our own maker shop, where we can quickly fabricate innovative solutions and produce them in smaller quantities. We have reached a new level of productivity in design by iterating our concept to prototype cycle quickly. 

The main point is, we are forward-looking, and always pushing toward next generation product ideas. Another service we offer is helping to round out an existing team, bringing our unique engineering experience. So, when you are looking for some virtual reality equipment, and you want a solution fast and “best –in-class”, think of ThreeSight VR for your collaboration.
(NOTE: Also, we are looking for software product partners for joint marketing efforts.)


Brad Burnett CEO - ThreeSight VR, LLC

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